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 Welcome to Greyhounds For Sale.

Welcome to the new look greyhoundsforsale.co.uk website. With the help of our internet partner SiliconDesigns, we believe we have created one of the best greyhound sales websites available today. This is a class leading website for matching greyhound buyers and greyhound sellers for both the UK & Ireland.

By cutting out the agents and middle men you can buy greyhounds for less, and sell greyhounds for more! Greyhound sellers pay only one low price to sell a greyhound, no matter how long it takes. Discounts are available for greyhound selers of more than one greyhound, so please ring us to discuss further.

GreyhoundsForSale.co.uk is the No.1 website for selling greyhounds in the UK & Ireland!

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 Top 10 Featured Greyhounds

1. Conaic View Brae 1200 Bitch -1yrs 12mths 29kg view details...   
2. Coolavanny Rebel 265 Dog 1yrs 11mths 34.3kg view details...   
3. Crossbarry Champ 5000 Dog 2yrs 7mths 31.5kg view details...   
4. itallworksout 2500 Dog 2yrs 4mths 32kg view details...   
5. Lemming Bob 700 Dog 1yrs 9mths 35kg view details...   
6. Lemming Chloe 700 Bitch 1yrs 9mths 30kg view details...   
7. PUPS BY BALLYMAC VIC 1250 Dog 0yrs 8mths 0kg view details...   
8. Razamataz Baz 999 Dog 1yrs 7mths 0kg view details...   
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